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Black Bear Hunts

Newfoundland black bears are being harvested in the 600 lbs range and the population is currently out of control. These bears are generally larger in stature than its North American cousin. This is why Newfoundland is a top destination for trophy black bear hunts.

Black Bear Hunt Success Rate Overall
Newfoundland Black Bear Hunts Red Indian Lake Outfitting NL

Backed by almost 20 years of experience running an outfitting business, here at Red Indian Lake Outfitters, we can lead you through proper routes and provide you the with highest probability of tagging a large Newfoundland black bear.

We are blessed with excellent spot and stock bear hunting. The high plateau areas, which we hunt, are abundant with wild berries and high vantage points; a combination that equates to spot and stock bear hunting that is second to none. You may opt for a specialized spot and stalk bear hunt or the stumble on bear option. The stumble option allows you to add a bear tag to your moose or caribou and you only pay a trophy fee if a bear is harvested during you moose hunt or caribou hunt.

Information regarding our black bear hunts and the bear hunting season in Newfoundland and the dates can be found here.

If you are not interested in our black bear hunts, check out our Moose Hunts and our Woodland Caribou Hunts. Our rates can be viewed here for both drive-in hunting lodges and fly-in hunting lodges.

Newfoundland Black Bear Hunts Red Indian Lake Outfitting NL

Black Bear
For The Extreme Adventurer

Mother Nature has provided Newfoundland with black bear that some say has genetically become it’s own breed. Standing among few at the top of the food chain, these predators feed on young moose and caribou, wild rodents, and for desert grasses and berries.

Black Bear Hunting Gallery

Hunter Testimonials

Hunting Area 13 with Red Indian Lake Outfitting was exciting. On the last day of our hunt and on the last hour we were successful. We never give up thanks to my friend and hunting guide Derek Keats.

Michel Charland – QC

I have been hunting with Red Indian Lake Outfitting for 10 years. I have been lining up hunts and taken as many as 22 hunters a single year with 14 to 15 repeats. You will not find a more professional outfitting group or better accommodations.

Dave Hazlet – PA

Wow! We have got to book another hunting trip with you guys and have Fred again as our guide. 2018 was an awesome hunting year for us with Red Indian Lake Outfitting and it looks like your 2019 is awesome too!!

Robin Deskiewicz – PA

After 3 trips with Fred and Shirley at Red Indian Lake Outfitting, my family and I are already planning our return. They run a first class operation with abundant wildlife in one of the most beautiful and friendly places on the planet.

Dr. Lee Horn – MS