Fred and Shirley Thorne, owners of Red Indian Lake Outfitting and Tours, have been in the outfitting business for more than 10 years, and loving every minute of it.  What was once a past-time has now evolved into their way of life. With the combined experience, and thier feel for the land they've grown up in, you can rest assured; you are in good hands.


With the success of their earlier venture, and accumulated outfitting experience, Fred and Shirley naturally progressed into ownership of the Red Indian Lake Outfitting & Tours business vowing to exceed customer satisfaction found anywhere else in North America. Through strong marketing and client relationships, the business is constantly growing as more and more visitors uncover the secrets of Red Indian Lake Lodge and Newfoundland's back country.


When you visit Red Indian Lake Lodge you'll never feel overcrowded. The Lodge specializes in providing personal service with just a few hunters in the lodge per week. Our Red Indian Lake Lodge is a drive in lodge which offers a remote hunt by utilizing our 160 plus KM of registered argo trails to remote hunting areas. We have a fleet of 8 X 8 Argo ATVS to access these remote hunting areas. The owners, Fred and Shirley are on staff at all times to provide quality guiding and cooking service and to ensure that all hunters requirements are met. They feel they provide a far more beneficial service when dealing with small numbers while providing attention to detail, and returning clients seem to agree.


Red Indian lake outfitting and Tours has a driving service that will provide transportation to and from either Gander International and/or Deer lake Newfoundland airports. We also have a butcher with 30 plus years of experience and a shipping service that transports meat throughout the United states and parts of Canada.


We provide boats and motors, 8 x 8 Argos and any other equipment to assist you during your hunt.



Fred and Shirley Thorne


Alex Pond Camp

Alex pond is located in the heart  of the Buchans Plateau nestled between Newfoundland’s two largest lakes which are Grand Lake and Red Indian Lake. The fall of 2019 will be the first season operating out of this location and we are quite excited about it.


Alex pond has beautiful scenery with lakes, rivers and rolling hills and vast open plains. This area offers excellent trophy Woodland Caribou hunting and spot and Stalk Black Bear hunting and of course great moose hunting in the wooded river valleys and the timbered areas of the Buchans Plateau. This lodge of course also has all the amenities to ensure a very comfortable stay and also a professional cook on staff here as well.


Alex Pond Camp Newfoundland Moose Hunting Alex Pond Camp Newfoundland Moose Hunts Alex Pond Camp Newfoundland Moose Hunting Outfitters


Eclipse Lake Helicopter Fly-In Lodge

The lodge is constructed of log is located in a very remote setting on the picturesque Eclipse Lake. This location offers excellent opportunity for Moose, woodland Caribou and Black bear.


The lodge has all the necessary amenities as our other lodges with a full time cook to prepare first class meals. The lodge has running hot/cold water and all the equipment required for the hunt argos, boats motors etc....


The terrain at all lodges is pretty much the same, a combination of bog, tundra, and forest areas. With the Argos long walks are not required at either lodge.


Alex Pond Camp Newfoundland Moose Hunting Alex Pond Camp Newfoundland Moose Hunts Alex Pond Camp Newfoundland Moose Hunting Outfitters


Hinds Lake Lodge Lodge

The Hinds Lake Lodge is located on Hinds Lake which is located deep In the interior of Newfoundland and nestled between the Gaff Topsail and Buchans Plateau regions. This location is accessed by boat which is a short ride in a narrow channel with no rough water to contend with. The lodge offers excellent opportunity for moose/ Woodland Caribou and Black Bear. The lodge has plenty of amenities with four wash rooms all with Hot showers and 7 bedrooms some that are private rooms. This lodge also has a professional cook/baker to serve you professionally prepared meals.


Alex Pond Camp Newfoundland Moose Hunting Alex Pond Camp Newfoundland Moose Hunts Alex Pond Camp Newfoundland Moose Hunting Outfitters